European Union

European Union

There are various countries in Europe where it is not possible for us to ship either with couriers or using the postal services, These include Germany, Austria, Spain (including Canary Islands) Portugal, Italy and Greece.

Many of our customers have reported success in using the services of a company called Borderlinx. Borderlinx has successfully forwarded packages with orders to all of those countries.

Click here to visit the Borderlinx website.

The process is extremely simple – a normal order is placed on the DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL website using your account number provided by Borderlinx and the facility Borderlinx has in Daventry UK, as a shipping destination. Once the package arrives there, Borderlinx will then forward the package to your home address which they have on record.

We have yet to hear of anyone having any issues with their packages being forwarded in this manner.

If you are wanting to ship to a country not listed on our website Рplease check directly with Borderlinx if they are able to assist with forwarding to your destination.

We also have customers who have used the services of our courier Aramex in the same manner as Borderlinx. This has been successful in Greece as well as some Middle Eastern countries.

Aramex has its headquarters in Dubai UAE and has great experience shipping in the Middle East.

The benefit of using Aramex is that we can provide them with the package in Bangkok and they can ship directly from there to other countries. Please check out the Aramex website here :

Please contact Aramex directly for enquiries of the facilities they offer.