Credit Card Troubleshooting

Credit Card Troubleshooting

In the event that your credit card payment fails there are a number of steps you can take to try and rectify that and get an approval.

  1. Make sure that your card is enabled for International Purchases
  2. If possible speak to your bank before completing the transaction and advise them that you are about to purchase goods and the credit card charge may appear to come from China. Give the bank the amount of the purchase and ask them please to authorise the charge.
  3. Ensure that the expiry date is filled in correctly. The year must be written in 4 digits.
  4. Complete all fields in the credit card section, even those that are optional  
  5. If you did not speak to your bank attempting the authorisation and the payment fails, please contact your bank and advise them that you are making the purchase and that you would like the charge authorised.
  6. If you have a card from a different bank – try completing the payment with the different card.

If none of the above are successful, please remember that payment is also possible by bank transfer to our account in the UK and an Australian account.

Should you wish to pay by bank transfer you will benefit from a 4% discount which will be deducted when selecting EFT/Bank transfer as your payment method.

Also payment by Bitcoin is an available option.

If you have any issues or need assistance with your payment please contact us on