• 30 Tablets/Month

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Please note that our stock of RICOVIR EM has an expiry date of MARCH 2020.
If you would like to order more than a 3 month supply of PrEP, we recommend ordering one of our other brands.
Our TAVIN EM has an expiry date of JANUARY 2022 & our TENOF EM has an expiry date of FEBRUARY 2021



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Orders from these countries must be accompanied by a prescription from a doctor. The prescription must show the doctor’s registration number, address, telephone number as well as the doctor’s signature on the prescription.
For customs clearance purposes we also require a copy of the details page of the person’s passport.

Orders to Brazil also need to include a letter of intent and the person’s Income Tax number
These  documents must be on separate uploads in pdf format.


Las pedidos de estos países deben incluir una receta de un médico. La receta debe indicar el número de registro del médico, dirección, número de teléfono, así como la firma del médico.
Para fines de despacho de aduana también será necesario una copia de la página de datos del pasaporte de la persona.
Estos  documentos deben ser cargados separadamente en formato pdf.

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