Please read the following carefully before submitting your order

  1. You are purchasing a generic version of medication manufactured under licence in India. Licences are granted to manufacturers by the branded drug companies. and the order will be shipped from Singapore or India.
  2. Please ensure that your delivery address matches the product you have ordered. If you require delivery to an address other than the country specified in the product description, please contact us to clarify whether your order can be delivered in that particular country. If you place an order with a product from a different country page to your provided delivery address and make payment, you will be issued with a store credit coupon. NO refunds will be provided on any order in accordance with Dynamix International policies. Similarly, once an order has been placed and paid for, no refunds will be provided for “change of mind” under any circumstances.
  3. Once your order has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email from DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL. Your confirmation email will provide the current acceptable payment options available for you to use. Once we receive your payment in our account, and your order is processed, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Your order will maintain a status of “payment pending” until your payment has been received in our account and allocated to your order. No further confirmations of order or payment receipts are made. Dynamix International does not issue invoices or receipts. Payments can be made into one of our nominated Bank Accounts or with Bitcoin. Payments can also be made via third parties listed on your order confirmation.
  4. Orders for products that are not advertised as shipping to the country listed on your order will not be filled and will attract an additional administration fee to rectify.
  5. Your tracking number will be emailed to you by DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL, when shipped. If no delay in processing time of orders is posted on our home page, orders will generally be shipped within 36-48 hours after receipt provided the correct payment and documentation (where necessary) have been received. Your email with the tracking number will also contain details of how to track your order. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to track the progress of the order and to ensure that successful delivery is facilitated. It is vital that you monitor the tracking once the order has been shipped. Packages “returned to sender” are generally not received by Dynamix International or our shippers, and cannot be refunded or reshipped, without incurring additional fees.
  6. Please be aware that some countries may randomly charge VAT/duties or taxes when orders enter the country. These costs are beyond the control of DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL and courier/shipping companies. These costs are NOT included in the price of your order and will need to be paid personally if charged. In the event that you do not pay the charges and the shipping company returns your order to DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL no refund will be considered whatsoever. DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL also does not accept any responsibility for customs delays and or seizures in any country whatsoever. In the event that customs in any country requests additional documentation in order to clear your order, it is your responsibility to ensure that the requested documentation is provided. Dynamix International will not be held responsible for any issues, delays or seizures due to customs regulations or requirements in any country.
  7. In the event that your order is not successfully delivered and returned to sender for whatever
  8. Please address all enquiries with regard to orders, tracking and delivery to